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Constellation EP

by Torch Ginger

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Like A Wave 05:11
Like A Wave And in the morning when I wake up I tend to prevaricate I wasn’t lying when I told you Told you where I wait And all the foolishness I gave you Gave you without taking heed no I never learned If I asked you baby would you try And in the middle of my sorrow You put up the barricade I wasn’t frightened when I saw you Saw you drop your face If I asked you baby Would you try If I held you baby Would you break Just like a wave And on the evening of my freakout I felt our disparity I wasn’t speaking on the way out Waiting out my mouth And in the moment when I saw you Saw you without Your poker face no I never did
Heaven 03:49
Heaven Let me know how you feel I can barely contain This is our slice of heaven And heaven is a joyride I can't wait to explain This is how we make heaven An heaven is a state of mind Child did you get it right It's your ace in the hole Hey did we get it right I won't tell you no more I coulda taken a detour I could be chillin' at a rest stop I could be finding my way back home But missed the turn again I could be doing my own thing I could be livin' in a backyard I could be thousands of miles away but never knowin' of I coulda told you a story I coulda made it as a lone wolf I coulda chartered a ship to loneliness forever one I know that I turned a corner The day I saw you at the micstand The moment I knew exactly that the mission was at hand
Transition 04:14
Transition However you Hear the lesson always Silence says We are in transition All the world is rhythm Hallalu Holdin' on Everyone's holdin' on Whatever is going on(wrong) Know that you're not alone Moving on Everyone's moving on Whatever is going on Just know that you've come A long way This here don't matter Not at all
Constellation Some may call you a star I call you the whole constellation Some may call you a song I call you the whole compilation Some may call you a road I call you the whole destination This is how we ever will never part This is how we ever will never forget Ever since you made me a happy man Ever since you made me a promise to keep Hold it in the palm of your open hand Let it shine for everyone else to see After a hard life you Place the sun Next to me Tell me once again how you fell in love Long before there ever was an us This is how we do it forever love Day by day it's stronger than it ever was Now we have a child to protect and raise Light enough to fill up our yesterdays
Time&Space 04:27
Time & Space Often theorizing (Lost)Off in the horizon I precisely know where I am Going Oh I Then I take a breath Any other day But today it's time to Seek it Speak it Speak on it You will see exactly what you believe With all history behind you A stranger Strewn Change the course of it Change your course again Change will come when You are ready I know I am I connect my mind In this time and space And it frees me Tell yourself again You don't understand Why the fates are all against you Again it's What'd I say? Every single breath you will ever take Has the word of god embedded Precious As is
Sensational 03:52
Sensational You're in a word sensational A candle cannot be held to you now I pray to your devotional Consider myself luckiest of them all Until my dying day My baby I tell you I love you more The lightness is unbearable I need your anchor to keep me Close to shore I cherish each and every day It took me all this time to hear you out I wouldn't want it any other way Now every word is aching on my tongue What would have me say Oh sugar You know this is heaven called I fell into your gaze again I live to lose myself into Your divine Your shine


released April 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Torch Ginger Los Angeles, California

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