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Midnight 2 Midnight

by Torch Ginger

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Jesus On Fire Missing, missing Jesus on fire We're all so tired Just change the channel Day after day You go missing inside Angel keeps watch Who showed you love Honesty called and the look in your eyes Honesty called and the look in your eyes Don't let it alter us Come over baby Baby come here
Keep On Pushin Keep on pushin' it out there Keep on pushin' it out there Keep on pushin' it out there My country, it is the earth beneath my feet And you know this My people, they are the people of the world Can you say this My religion, it is the shy above my head And you know this We are all one and this is all we need Can you say this Where you're going, it's not important where you're from And you know this How ya livin', we are above the sturm and drang Can you say this If you listen there is an answer it will come And you know this
!st Class Murder What a perfect coincidence Here we are now flying past the peasants Should you feel any sign of sickness Drink this potion Take this tablet Choose a side when you are growing Help the many, oh it shows you're loving Now they have you Paid to paint the numbers Who would judge us They won't judge us Everything you take for granted Jealous I was every time they made it Put aside those questions You're not right for asking Just sing pretty Make it pretty Ain't no !st class murder love
Midnight to Midnight We found a wall Way too soon Those dirty walls they Come so clean Across my tongue I laid my wish Spoken now forever Spoken to me Oh oh darlin’ Come into the world That wants you here We are shooting stars From midnight to midnight My love Come set me free Just give it time Sweet angel Just a little more time -little more time Just might be A tonic for Heartbreak or less Surely we deserve it You are golden to me Golden to me Come into the world They made you fear We are only human Midnight to midnight My love You set me free In the best of our days Turn it over and over As it ever was And for all it will ever be
Unlove 05:59
Unlove Darlin' Please take from me unlove All kindsa questions As to what do I owe this pain If you don't want me I can't worry about you anyway Thank you for the good times And the blessings But woman you know Love don't live here anymore That's why I got to say There are no regrets And no turning back the Hands of time You always said I should leave And I denied The truth that we both knew Was always there And this wish-you-well I mean it with Everything in my heart With everything you've Done to me Take care of yourself
Fascination 05:20
Fascination You can feel this fascination Building in imagination Of how good it could feel This imagination When two bodies collide Lover come get your love Shivers up my spine This imagination
Ocean Eyes 03:51
Ocean Eyes You are by design There you are Ocean Eyes Don't you know you're our Little girl Sweet and fine Never let you go Don't you know you're Made from eternity Boundless rejoicing In the power That we all possess To make ourselves anew And your name is the word That will always connect In the possible pages that We will write in our hearts Sure is amazing the changes You're takin' us through And we will always be stronger Together come ride in our Ship of music and we will Blanket you with kisses and Never let you go Don't you know you're effortless melody Perfect in every way and Time will just fly by so Save me some sugar for When I get home you know Your daddy loves his girl And I can't stay gone long now that Momma is holdin' you down While I handle business I wish that they would pay me proper For the songs that I'm writin' but This one is yours baby this one is yours Yes this one is yours
#shutitdown 03:50
#shuitdown When you call yourself a mover You cannot suppress the truth of it all Can't do nothin' Shouldn't do nothin' I called myself talkin' 'bout it Even if it means I'm losin' it all Can't say nothin' Shouldn't say nothin' Stay the fool Play the part Always hard Makin' it harder When loves comes Actually/genuinely/naturally We gonna shut it down It's a signal you can't ignore Stranger days are coming Like it or not Get yourself ready Make yourself ready You and me we gonna shut it down Listen to me
Fire 03:24
Fire You send out your fire On another child You send out your fire Absent of holiness Even in Death we can't get out We can't go on We can't get out from under this Even in Love Even in Life We can't get out from under this Fire You send out your fire On another soul You send out your fire Absent humanity
Gasoline 05:04
Gasoline U think that u are just fine Even if he takes your life It's a conundrum I'm sure Who of us is ever pure All over the world They want something Make them high All over the world We want something We can buy All over the world They want something Make them warm U say that u are just fine I hope that he takes his time It's a paradox I know Hurry up and let it go All over the world they want Something else It's gasoline
Letter To Merced 95 degrees In early May 95 more days to go Just like this one She shrugs it off with a smile She passes their picture They both saying Nothing else could have possibly Been done It wasn't our fault Mercy We were just doing what We were told (taught) This is just how we live (it is) Nothing much to eat The days go by Sharing what was left Of a life long gone Fighting in the streets She hides again Why'm I a woman Wondering what was to become Of everyone
Pollyanna 04:20
Pollyanna Pop that pill and Pop that ass and Pop this music Let it take you higher Pay to play this Pay the bills it Pays to steal this Everything is higher Pollyanna yes you fit the type Jesus as Santa Claus yeah he gonna Make everything alright Pollyanna yes you fit the type Just do what everyone else does Pray that it'll be alright Jesus saves us Only when we've Run out of everything Else in our lives
f.u.r.p. Fuck u racist people Fuck u, fuck u Yes the time it has come To realize that u r simple and dumb It takes courage and heart To come from love and not Ur place in the dark If you know what it means You hold the cards to death & justice It seems We will listen no more To all ur lies it's time to Settle the score This is our world not urs We're taking back what u have Stolen for years There is hate in ur eyes But ur the ones who raped And brutalized I will not shed a tear The end is nigh for all That u hold dear Dirty cops and their guns Will not protect when it is Ur time to run Have u no sense of shame Ur freedom comes when others Can't have the same U r craven and small And ur mistaken God Doesn't want u at all Fuck u right in your face U gone learn today We gone find u a place


released January 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Torch Ginger Los Angeles, California

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